The Skymattix Story.

Skymattix Digital runs on lead generation. But even our best digital and social media strategies will never reach cruising altitude without strong and scalable brand identities behind them. Sometimes we get asked to build brands from scratch.

And to that, we say, “Bring it on.” Sometimes, and always with the best of intentions, we ask our clients if we can make a few adjustments to an existing brand. And to that, they usually say, “Hmm. We never looked at it quite that way.”

 For both, the Skymattix creative team always succeeds in growing the strength and resonance of our clients’ brands, delivering a better understanding of brand ‘DNA’, mission, vision, values, and positioning, and how to express them. Gifts that keep on giving for any business.

How would you like that wrapped?


Your business is about connecting with your customers and staying ahead of the competition. Our business is making sure you can focus on what is really important.

The team

Meet the team.

  • Philip Yetman
    CEO, Partner

    Philip Yetman brings a design and technical background to digital project strategy and management, creating a valuable asset to the agency and clients we serve.

  • Philip Yetman
  • Daniel Holland
    COO, Partner

    Daniel Holland is an experienced client service leader who has built a dynamic career generating demand for clients across the country.

  • Saaloni Sharma
    VP Client Experience, Partner

    Saaloni is dynamic and client solutions focused. As a leader on the team, Saaloni ensures every clients needs are satisfied.

  • Luke Carruthers
    Creative Director

    Luke brings over 20 yrs of marketing experience, creating engaging campaigns for all our clients.

  • Jason Kozak
    US Account Director
  • Krista Gillies
    Digital Project Manager
  • Lesley-Ann Spence
    Sr. Account Manager

    As a Senior Account Manager, Lesley-Anne oversees relationships and successful end to end programs for our clients.

  • Abhishek A
    Digital Strategy

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