Skymattix created a digital experience for Loreto, Baja California Sur that enticed potential visitors to visit the city via American Airlines


Develop a digital marketing program to that will attract tourism to Loreto in Baja California Sur.

  • Strategy

    Programmatic Digital Campaign, Social Media, Video Campaign

  • Design

    Exciting activity focused campaign to build awareness and tourism

  • Client

    Loreto : Baja California Sur

Open Project
01 // Project Overview

Drive awareness and
tourism to Loreto, BCS using a highly targeted programmatic and social campaign

Loreto, nestled in the stunning Baja California Sur, Mexico, is a hidden gem that boasts an array of breathtaking activities, from world-class fishing and scuba diving to golf, nature exploration, hiking, and a rich tapestry of historical sites. This campaign is crafted with precision to reach the hearts of adventure and leisure seekers, specifically targeting the vibrant markets of Dallas and Phoenix.

02 // Challenges

Find the niche market of travellers who enjoy golf, scuba diving,
whale watching, history and hiking

Programmatic advertising with micro-targeting was the key to this client’s success. Utilizing Facebook, Google Adwords and Display networks with the right target, allowed Skymattix to get the right ads to the right people, at the right time.

03 // Approach

The success lies in the targeting

Our aim was to captivate individuals in Dallas and Phoenix who have a passion for adventure and leisure activities that Loreto uniquely offers. By leveraging advanced programmatic advertising technologies, we created highly targeted campaigns that resonate with the interests and aspirations of our audience, driving awareness and enticing potential visitors to explore the beauty and excitement of Loreto.


04 // Statistics

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