Avoid Instagram Burnout with these Content Strategies

Avoid Instagram Burnout with these Content Strategies

Are you using Instagram for your business but feeling overwhelmed by the constant posting required to see any results? You’re not alone. Many business owners find themselves in this position, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of planning and some tips from this blog post, you can create great Instagram content without burning yourself out. So read on to learn more!

Why Should Marketers Continue to Use Instagram?

Instagram has seen a number of changes recently, leaving certain people dissatisfied and left behind. You might be asking if you should still utilize Instagram for your marketing or switch to a new platform like TikTok that is competing for your attention.

The truth is, even with other social platforms trying to grab their share of our attention, Instagram remains one of the top social media platforms for marketing. Instagram has built a robust platform with tools designed for business use and growth including:

  • Direct messaging and automations
  • Engaging content formats such as Stories
  • Innovative content formats designed to expand reach such as Reels
  • A fully developed audience network and advertising platform

It’s difficult to discover a social media platform with this many tools already built and fully functional for marketers and businesses to take advantage of. Furthermore, these methods have been put to the test and shown to be effective.

The fact is that the majority of Instagram’s audience is loyal to Instagram, as new social media platforms emerge and younger audiences adopt them. People who grew up with Instagram and adopted it as their preferred platform aren’t going to leave quietly in order to learn a new channel. The consumer market on Instagram is as vibrant and active as ever, and they are not planning to leave any time soon.

Of course, living in an ever-changing environment can be frustrating. And when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the platform changes or introduces a new functionality. Before you know it, your content strategy has been turned upside down. It’s no surprise that so many marketers are getting weary .

Here’s a framework for developing an Instagram content strategy that won’t make you feel burned out.

#1: Block Out Time Off and Promos on Your Instagram Content Calendar

#2: Plan Promotional Content for Instagram

#3: Develop Instagram Content Themes for Gaps Between Promotions

If you planned to post four to five Instagram stories that day, it’s probably better to start with one reel. Giving yourself the freedom to modify your material based on the day might help you avoid burnout.

Should your Instagram become more of a chore than you are ready to conquer, our team here at Skymattix can help your business with all of your social media needs.