5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

You may be thinking that marketing your business is too complicated to do on your own. We totally get it; the world of online marketing can be confusing with terms that are unique to the industry and it can be easy to get lost in all of the many tips and tricks that are available online. However, there are some things in digital marketing that you should be paying attention to more than others.

One of these crucial aspects to marketing online is known as the acronym SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. This method of marketing your content online is much easier than you think. In fact, even this article is written with SEO in mind. SEO is an incredibly valuable tool for your online presence.

Let’s discuss the five reasons why your business needs SEO for online visibility so that you can understand just how important optimizing your content for search engines is to digital marketing strategy.

What is SEO?

As we briefly touched on, SEO stands for search engine optimization. You may still be wondering what exactly this entails though. SEO is a method of including specialized keywords in your online content that will then appear in the algorithms of search engines. This applies to Google as well as social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

When you are uploading content to the Internet, search engines need to figure out a way to categorize your content. By using popular keywords that are applicable to your brand, you are telling them what category they should put your content in. Then, within that category, your products and services will climb up the ‘ranks’ of search engine results for those keywords.

For example, if your business sells hats and you do not include the word ‘hat’ anywhere in your online content, Google will have a very difficult time directing web traffic to your website that contains people that are looking to buy hats! You may be mentioning shoes, purses, or other fashion items in your content that people are looking to buy, but if you are only selling hats you are going to miss out on potential customers.

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Reason Number One: SEO increases overall website traffic

The primary reason that you should implement SEO for your website is that you will direct more traffic to your website by using keywords. How often do you go to the third or fourth page of search results? Not very often…adding search engine optimization to your social media posts and website content will help you to rise up the ranks so that your products and services are front and center. The first Google search result is clicked by over 25% of people. By the 10th search result, only 2.5% of people are likely to click. When considering these statistics, it is clear to see how crucial search engine optimization is for digital marketing.

Reason Number Two: SEO promotes trust between you and your buyer

Using the wrong keywords can lead to a bad relationship between you and your prospective customers. Our earlier example of an online hat store that doesn’t mention hats is a perfect example of potential for mistrust. Your website and social media content should be reflective of what you have to offer! People in the modern age hate wasting their time and people especially hate being hoodwinked by clickbait. By doing so, your buyers will appreciate that your keywords are relevant to your content, and this will establish an element of trust between your customers and you.

Reason Number Three: SEO improves the experience of your user

This reason goes hand-in-hand with reason number two to add SEO to your website- your users will have an easier time navigating your website. SEO includes adding proper keywords to your website navigation which make it more user-friendly to find the information and products that your prospective customers want to find. SEO tips will tell you to make your website better while adding in SEO, with all of the new traffic you will be getting, you will want to put your best foot forward.

Reason Number Four: SEO targets your audience

Optimizing your website and social media content will help you to reach your target audience. This is because your target audience should be searching for the keywords that you will select to optimize your content. Even better, the more that you reach your audience, the more of your audience you will reach through business SEO. When people reach your website through highly searched and optimized keywords, your website will continue to be recommended if those visitors spend time on your page. This is because the algorithms will recognize that your viewers and buyers found your content to be relevant to the keyword. Without SEO, there is not really a way for the algorithms to make this determination.

Reason Number Five: SEO saves money on marketing 

By properly adding SEO to your websites and social media pages, you may just find a quick and easy way that you can reduce your marketing budget! You can save major marketing money by focusing on working smarter, not harder with digital marketing through adding keywords to your content that will boost the positions of your webpages and social media posts. Using SEO will undoubtedly improve your website traffic without the extra charge that advertising can add. By driving traffic to your website organically through following SEO tips you can start to cut down on the amount of costly social media marketing advertisements that you may be running to try to boost traffic.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Now that you know all of the top reasons why you should be using business SEO, you should have all of the information to decide whether or not you want to start implementing SEO for your online content. The only question that should remain is: How will you implement search engine optimization in your digital marketing strategies?

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